Carolina is a beautiful place. It’s one of the best locations and venues for weddings, business conferences, parties and other big events. And that being said, Entertainment business is a boom and can be found everywhere just like “Joe Bunn”, a DJ company in Carolina that’s being manage by david fox.

They have two offices, one in South Carolina and one in North Carolina.

Weddings, parties and other events just isn’t as fun without good DJ’s.

Time flies so much this year for us. I cannot believe our baby just turned 3 months old and it’s almost June which means Summer is approaching. Golly it’s already half way of the year. I feel like it was just Christmas and then I gave birth and now it’s close to Christmas again.

When there’s a lot of things going on, time fly faster than a bullet train. It’s good to be occupied though especially with cute babies of mine.

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If there’s anything I want for my birthday, that would be a house. We have two kids now and two bedroom apartment is just getting too small for us. We need a space for the kids to play and run, not to mention, my parents will be coming soon.

Everyday, I get 4 to 10 emails containing houses for sales around our area. Oh I wish I’ll win lottery to buy a house in cash or buy a big land that I could build two houses (one for me and one for my sister).

Tomorrow will be the big day. I’ve tried to rest as much as I can today and would be going to sleep as soon as I get done with my online task as we have to get up early and be in the hospital at 6 o’clock in the morning. Have to be there an hour and half early to get ready for the surgery. Praying for a safe c-section delivery and hope everything will be fine.

DSC03083Baby’s stuff are all washed, clean and ready for her when she gets home. Thank you once again to all my family and friends who have given cute stuff for the baby, really appreciates your love and kindness.

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Just got home from a surprised baby shower that my sister and friends organized for me. I am truly lucky to have sweet, loving and caring people around me who’s always there through thick and thin especially on a very special event/occasions like having a new baby.

I can’t thank them enough for being so thoughtful, for all their efforts and for making it a fun and memorable baby shower.